Turning Vodafone's "speech mark" into a flying disc and launching the "CU around" proposition brought new life to a favourite brand.

In the mid 90s Panafon, Vodafone's predecessor in the Greek market, had built CU to be a favourite teenagers' brand. After numerous years of outstanding successs, and upon the development of similar brands by the competition, CU was not perceived as the most innovative and most exciting brand anymore.

At the same time the Vodafone brand had been launched in the market and CU had to be incorporated in its identity.

The output of our work was a key driver for meaninfully bringing the brand in Vodafone's brand architecture and - most importantly - in consumers' hearts and minds.

The new Vodafone CU packaging design featured in "Design Matters I: Packaging: An Essential Primer for Today's Competitive Market" for "Best Shape and Structure"

vodafone cu
vodafone cu