Branding a new maritime corporation that transports chemicals is a delicate subject. That's why we took such a bold approach.

The new company that would build and manage a fleet of chemical tankers was in need of a full brand identity. We had to understand the founders' motives and the company's capabilities while exploring the specific category in order to discover what is core for the success of a brand that operates in it. Sensitivity and responsiblity about the environment came out as the first key factor to build credibility and confidence among the various stakeholder groups. Technological superiority and devotion to perfection in all aspects, was the second. At the same time we realized that most of the category players would depend on conservative and monotonous identities, building on heritage and size while lacking youthfulness and dynamism.

We based the identity on the diamond shaped, yellow and red striped, warning sign to show that the new corporate brand was serious about safety and protection of the cargos and the environament. We changed red into pink to show freshness and innovation. We chose the name KEMIKA to express a straight-forward, audacious brand. And we applied the identity in numerous materials, while studying the way it should be transferred on the vessels.

We created KEMIKA to be a brave brand in a very sensitive business.