When we were requested by Vivartia, one of the largest groups of food companies in SE Europe, to work on Everest identity, we were certain that the values that made Everest a leader in its field should be depicted more efficiently in the brand's outlets and dominate its visual and verbal identity.

Everest is a Greek fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells freshly-made sandwiches, salads, pastries and coffee. It holds a leading position in the greek market operating more than 120 outlets and employing more than 2500 people. Having built its reputation on the "make-it-your-way" sandwiches concept, the freshness and the natural ingredients, the brand had always been linked with urban street culture serving both as an on-the-go eatery and a meeting point for young Greeks across the country. During the last few years, Everest had invested a lot in coffee-making, developing significant competence and expertise in this area.

The brand team requested from MILK to develop a retail identity that would rejuvenate the brand reinforcing its core values and competencies and further building on its youthful, "street" and urban character. At the same time we needed to revisit the brand's architecture and develop category-specific graphics for the three main product categories: sandwiches, salads and coffee. The outcome of our study included the development of the new "love your way" concept, a new brand housestyle consisted of a new language and a set of special graphic devices, and a guidelines manual on how to apply the new identity on the various store areas, types and sizes.

The new identity was very positively accepted by the organisation and the customers and it's usage was soon expanded in every brand touchpoint, influencing the stores' environment, communications and promotions. Core brand-health indicators were measured at improved levels indicating a revitalised brand and a stronger brand equity.