Nestlé's Nirvana has been one of the leading brands in the premium ice-cream segment in SE Europe since its birth on 1996. "Waves of pleasure" were launched in 2016, as a key step for the brand to boost its image, enrich its family and bring a new sense of premiumness and pleasure into the super markets’ ice cream fridges. Based on recipes created by the most skillful pâtissiers, Nirvana Waves of Pleasure are delicious combinations of extra crispy chocolate layers with velvety ice cream and syrup.

MILK Branding Professionals accepted the challenge of developing the name and the visual identity and packaging system for the new sub-brand, to glorify the new concept by adopting a discreet artisanal visual language to enhance the products' unique character. The inspiration was the actual ice cream; in our creative approach we decided to photo-shoot the ice cream and use the layers as the basic identity element.

Treat yourself with the mouth-watering Nirvana Waves of Pleasure, in mini cones, mini cups or family cups.